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Boosted. Equalizer v1.3-lite [Pro]
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Overview: Boosted. Equalizer lets you enjoy music like never before. Boost or cut frequency bands energy by using one of the presets or adjust the equalizer bands yourself and tune your audio the way you like it.


Volume booster and bass booster features are there to further enhance your Android audio listening experience. With volume booster, you can make your music sound louder than hardware buttons let you. Bass booster lets you amplify the low frequency tones. Don’t forget the equalizer, which can be used as treble booster, bass booster and mid-range frequencies booster if that’s what you like.

Boosted. Equalizer works with all major music players and has been thoroughly tested with Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and TuneIn Radio. Remember to use headphones for best equalizer, volume booster and bass booster effect.

How to use:

– stop or disable all other audio effect apps, equalizers, volume boosters and bass boosters
– completely stop music playback: stop the music in your music player and remove the player from recent apps
– launch Boosted. Equalizer
– restart music playback in your music player
– you should be able to use equalizer, volume booster and bass booster now.

If the above steps don’t work, you can try using the switches in Boosted. Equalizer to disable and then enable effects or, as a last resort, rebooting your android device.

Coming soon to Boosted. Equalizer is user preset saving, stay tuned.

Equalizer, volume booster and bass booster are very powerful features, use them at your own risk and remember that listening at high volume can damage your hearing or device.

If you enjoy Boosted. Equalizer, also try out Boosted. Music Player Equalizer or go for Boosted. Equalizer Pro, which has no ads and audio boost effects are stronger. Also tell your Facebook, Google+, instagram and twitter friends that you like Boosted. Equalizer.

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